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Excursions and leisure tips

Leisure and excursion tips

It is never boring here

Whether bathing fun, wellness or roller coaster ride: In Sierksdorf and the surrounding area you have many great possibilities to enjoy your free time with the whole family.

Logo Ostseetherme

Ostseetherme - Scharbeutz

Not far from our Hotel Hof Sierksdorf you will find one of the most beautiful wellness oases in Germany. On over 18,000 square meters you can bathe, sauna and wonderful relax.

Logo Panoramic

Panoramic indoor pool Sierksdorf

Hot water indoor pool with 29 ° C hot water, 30 ° C air temperature and 25 x 15 m basin size for year-round bathing fun. With non-swimming pool and elephant children's slide, swimming lessons for children & adults and courses like aqua gym, fitness and power training. Children's birthday parties are gladly arranged.

Logo Hansa-Park

HANSA-PARK – 7 Roller Coasters by the sea

On the bay of the Queen of the Hanseatic League where the beach has ultra-fine sand and white sails on blue water dot the far horizon you’ll find the HANSA-PARK, Germany’s only event and family theme park by the sea.

It is the unique combination of theme park and Baltic Sea beach that makes HANSA-PARK so charming. Not only will you experience the Hanseatic League at its finest, but you will also have over 125 attractions ranging from chill to thrill spread over 46ha to choose from. No fewer than 38 ride attractions, of which 7 are roller coasters, 4 different live shows and a colourful parade through the Park ensure that children and adults alike will thoroughly enjoy themselves. 3 indoor playgrounds offer fun for all age groups. The entrance fee to the Park includes the use of the 10m-high High-Rope Garden featuring 25 skill exercises. And don’t forget such fabulous events as Creatures of the Shadow and Magical Autumn by the Sea.

Hanse & High Tech: You are unlikely to find any German theme park that is better at building bridges spanning bygone and modern eras than HANSA-PARK.

The replicas of the tower of KÄRNAN and its castle as well as the Kremlin of Novgorod let guests cross those bridges and experience the combination of Hansa & high tech in person. All three buildings house ultra-modern high-tech roller coasters - The Oath of KÄRNAN, the hypercoaster with a reverse free fall that is unique worldwide and the Curse of Novgorod - a launch coaster that goes 0-100km/h in 1.4 seconds.

New for 2020

New 2020: Awilda´s World*
Right next to Störtebeker's Sea Raid, at the foot of the fortress of KÄRNAN, Awilda’s World is taking shape. Once completed, it will feature two new ride attractions for the whole family:

NEW: Awilda’s Adventure Ride* - the new, lovingly designed water ride for parents with smaller children - is the 6th water ride at HANSA-PARK. Any child that is at least 90cm tall can hop on if an adult accompanies them. What are you waiting for? Climb into the barrels and off you go!

NEW: Awilda’s Lookout* is HANSA-PARK’s third free-fall tower, each of which has its own fan community. Adrenaline junkies love the HIGHLANDER - the tallest and fastest gyro drop tower in the world, the tiniest tots enjoy Odin's Travels through the Sky, and those who prefer a fast-paced ride with lots of twists will definitely go for the new 11m-tall ride, Awilda’s Lookout.

NEW: Our Weltumsegler Restaurant is the site of the third and final stage of our refurbishment project. The food counter will become a feast for the eyes in 2020, featuring a completely new way of how food and drinks are presented at HANSA-PARK. Look forward to eight different wall elements, nine different counter combinations and a new design concept in 2020.

Once finished, the 8th construction phase of the HANSEATIC LEAGUE in EUROPE will be the largest section of the theme world so far and change HANSA-PARK in a way never seen before. Façades from Kraków, Stockholm, Stralsund, Helsinki, Riga and Venice will be added. The project is expected to be completed in the 2021 season.

And there will be new shows in 2020:
NEW: The 4D Cinema will show a new family film with lots of special effects.
NEW: The Show Theatre will present our new show AWESOME! in 2020.

More information about what’s new for 2020 is available on our website at

* Opening in the course of the 2020 season

Opening times 2020:

In the 2020 season HANSA-PARK is open from March 28th through October 18th, daily from 9 am to 6 pm; ride attractions open at 10 am.

Entrance Fees 2020

  • Children under 4 years: free admission
  • Visitors aged 4 to 11 years: € 31.00 per person
    Visitors aged 12 +: € 39.50 per person
    Visitors aged 60 + (Ticket price includes 1 x coffee & cake): € 31.00 per person

Highlights in the 2020 season

Easter at HANSA-PARK on April 12th and April 13th  
The first highlight of the season, Easter at HANSA-PARK, takes place on April 12 and 13, 2020. On Easter Sunday and Easter Monday we invite all children under 12 to take part in an Easter egg contest.

Spring Flowers at HANSA-PARK from March 28th through May 15th
Come to HANSA-PARK and you'll see plenty of blooms and blossoms right at the start of the season. Our gardeners will plant more than 150,000 pansies, narcissi and daffodils of any type and colour for the North's largest spring flower special. Stroll along the carefully maintained flower beds and experience the lovely mix of brightly coloured spring messengers with all your senses after a long winter!

Summer Flowers at HANSA-PARK from July 1st through September 15th  
Flowers are transient wonders that have always mesmerised, fascinated and enchanted people. They turn summer into our most beautiful and colourful season. Horticulture at its finest, presented on a 46 hectare-large area reminiscent of a permanent gardening show. A brilliant mix of flowers, colours and music!

NDR Summer Tour Finale on August 22nd 2020
NDR 1 Welle Nord, a radio station, and Schleswig-Holstein Magazin, a regional TV programme, celebrate the grand finale of their Summer Tour at HANSA-PARK on 22 August 2020.

Visit of the Shadow Creatures from September 19th to 20th and from September 26th to 27th 2020
When at twilight dark elves, nightmares and revenants crawl out of their hidings, the hour of scare and spookiness has arrived ...

Autumn Magic by the Sea from October 3rd to October 18th 2020
On the last 16 days of the season, HANSA-PARK will be transformed into a sea of lights: garlands will glitter, the Holstein Tower will be lighted up festively, and thousands of electrical stars will sparkle. Everywhere around you gigantic fairy-tale sculptures will be aglow with light. A fantastic parade of lights will enchant everyone and from the Spanish walls fireworks will take off. Please note that for safety reasons, the parade of lights and the fireworks display will only take place in dry weather.

Logo Sealife

Sealife-Center - Timmendorfer Strand

The Sea Life marine aquarium in Timmendorfer Strand invites you to take a walk through the fascinating underwater world of North Atlantic, North Sea and Baltic Sea.

Logo Meereszentrum Fehmarn


Your visit to one of the largest aquariums in Europe should not be missed. The Fehmarn Ocean Center offers you an insight into the worlds of the ocean.

Boot 5-Seen-Fahrt


Get to know the diversity of Holstein Schweitz from a different perspective. Enjoy a quiet cruises on a quiet lake and enjoy the quiet beauty of this gentle woody and hilly landscape.



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